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¡Te ofrecemos una oportunidad increíble de aprender inglés con el tercer video de nuestra profesora Addie!

Esta semana vamos a hablar sobre algunas palabras que suelen confundirse y cuándo y cómo usar cada uno, así que esperamos que no se les confunda más.

Hello, this is English explained with Addie, I am Addie. I am here bringing you English grammar and pronunciations tips and answer any of your English curios and get you well on your way becoming fluent in English. This video is about some commonly confused words and when and how to use each, so hopefully you won’t get them confused anymore.

1. Argue vs. Discuss

Argue – to speak angrily to someone, telling them that you disagree (do not agree) with them.


  • The children are constantly arguing (The children are always disagree, which is common);
  • I argue a lot with my neighbor (Meaning that with your neighbor you have disagreements and you don’t agree on things).

Discuss – to talk about a subject with someone and tell each other your ideas or opinions.


  • I have discussed the holiday with my mother (Meaning that you´ve shared ideas and opinions on the subject);
  • We are still discussing moving house (This means just that you are sharing ideas, exchanging opinions about moving house).

2. Hope vs. Expect

Hope – to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might be.


  • I´m hoping to go to England in the summer (Meaning that there is a chance you will go and you would like to go and you are hoping to);
  • I hope I pass the exam (meaning you´ve studied for the exam and you are hoping that you will pass it);
  • I hope you are fine (You have no reason to believe that this person is not fine or there is something wrong, so you hope and you will find out afterwards).
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Expect – to think or believe that something will happen, or someone will arrive.


  • We are expecting 40 people at the party (Meaning that you are expecting 40 people to come, you think they will arrive);
  • I expect you to finish your dinner (This person should finish this dinner, your expectations may or may not be met);
  • I am expecting him to call me (You think that this is going to happen, so in that time frame that you are expecting the call, he probably will call, but he may not).

3. Remember vs. Remind

Remember – to be able to bring back a piece of information into your mind or to keep a piece or information in your memory.


  • Can you remember my name? (Are you able to recall the information of my name back to your mind?);
  • I remember going to the park when I was little (This is a piece of information, this is a memory that she has of when she was a child);
  • I couldn´t remember the answer to the question (The information would not come back into my mind even though you had known it in the past, it was no longer in your mind in that moment and could not be recalled).

Remind (sb of sb/sth) – to be similar to OR to make someone think of something or someone else.


  • Your smile reminds me of my ex-boyfriend (Meaning that your smile makes me think of  my ex-boyfriend);
  • Could you remind to your sister to come to the office tomorrow please? (Could you please recall this information to your sister´s mind? Could you tell her in order to make her remember it?)
  • Can you remind me of your name please? (Can you tell me your name again?).
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Thanks for listening! That’s all for now!

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