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Nuevo video de nuestra profesora Addie

Como cada semana desde Aula Inglés os traemos un nuevo video de nuestra profesora Addie, este es solo uno de los muchos videos que tiene nuestra profesora nativa explicando diferentes expresiones inglesas, en este caso consiste en el phrasal verb “To dress up”. ¡No te lo pierdas!

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Aquí tenéis la transcripción del vídeo para que podáis aprender vocabulario:

Hello, this is English explained with Addie; my name is Addie and I´m here to explain English grammar and pronunciation tips. Hope you help along the way to become fluent in English. This is the next on my series of phrasal verbs exercise. This video is about the phrasal verb “To dress up” I hope you enjoy it.

Exercise of phrasals. This is about the phrasal verb” to dress up” which means to wear nice clothing.

Example: “It´s a fancy restaurant, so we have to dress up”.

So this is trying to say that because the place is nice we need to make sure about we dress appropriately.

Another example:

–           “What are you wearing tonight? Are you going to dress up?”

–          “No I am going to dress casually”.

So in this case they are asking are you going to dress up or are you going to wear something nice. However the response to this is that the person is going to dress casually meaning as it if works in any other situation.

–          “You look dressed up…Where are you going?”

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–          “I am going to a weeding”.

So in this situation the person is dressed up nice, the person is really nice, wearing nice wearing because they are going to a weeding.

Next example: “I was disappointed…he did not dress up for our date”. In this example the girl was disappointed because the boy did not wear nice clothes for that date and obviously she did. So she wasn´t very impressed

That´s me explaining the phrasal verb “To dress up” Thank you for listening I hope it helps. This video was brought to you by www.aulaingles.es made by me Addie.

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