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Explicación Phrasal Verb “To Eat Out”

¿Listo para recibir otra magnifica clase de nuestra profesora Addie? Hoy os traemos de la mano de nuestra profesora la explicación de un nuevo Phrasal Verb, esta vez le toca el turno a  “To Eat Out” ¿Queréis saber lo que significa? Simplemente pinchar en el vídeo para escuchar la lección de este phrasal verb.


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Aquí tenéis la transcripción del vídeo por si tenéis alguna duda:

Hello, this is English explained with Addie, my name is Addie and I´m here to explain English grammar and pronunciation tips.

Hope you help along the way to become fluent in English. This video is about the phrasal verb to eat out. I´m going to explain it and hopefully you´ll understand.

Phrasal verbs exercise

To eat out

This means to eat out at a restaurant, this could be a fancy restaurant, it could be a fast food restaurant or anything winding from Mcdonald´s to direx it doesn’t matter. Ok first example:

“I cannot be bothered to cook tonight, let´s eat out”.

So in this situation it means the person does not feel like cooking so they suggested that they go out to eat to a restaurant, could be anywhere. Next one:

“I am on a diet; I will not be eating out anymore. You never know what they are putting in the food”.

So in this example what the person is trying to say is that in restaurants or when you are not cooking the food you don´t know what the people are putting in the food, the ingredients, if it´s healthy or not healthy. So they won´t be eating out, going out to restaurants or fast food places or anywhere, anymore. Next one:

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“We are always eating out, so for a change, I think I am going to cook for him tonight”

So in this situation this people are always going out to restaurants to eat, and this time they are going to cook at home

So if you wanted to suggest that somebody that you want to go to a restaurant or something like that, what you could say is Let´s eat out! So that is the suggestion that you could make when you are not sure what to eat.

For example: I´m not sure what to cook tonight or I´m kind of hungry and the suggestion after that could be let´s eat out. Let´s go out to a restaurant to eat. Next example:

“Why don´t you get a burguer? Oh no I don´t eat out, I will wait until I get home”.

In this example this person is saying as a general rule they don´t go out to eat in restaurants or they don´t go out to eat in fast food places therefore they are going to eat until they get home

So if someone ask you out what´s your favourite food restaurant you could say: “Oh no I don´t eat out”. Do you understand?

Ok, right, Thanks for listening. This video was brought to you by made by me Addie and I hope you understand

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