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English Tips By Addie lección 9: Exercise Verbs To do, To play, To go.

Continuando nuestra serie de videos de “Aprende inglés en 5 minutos a la semana” hoy os traemos uno nuevo explicando una de las asignaturas pendientes que tenemos respecto al inglés. Hoy nuestra querida Addie nos dará sus preciados consejos para saber cuando tenemos que usar cierto vocabulario sobre verbos que usamos habitualmente.

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Aquí tenéis la traducción para que os ayude:

Hello this is English tips with Addie, my name is Addie and I’m here to help explain English grammar and pronunciation and get you well on your way to becoming fluent in English. Last time we had a little glitch with the sound on the video so I’m uploading another version of the video about the verbs that we use to explain and describe what sports we are doing, playing or going, basically. So the way i would suggest is the ones that you are more likely to use more frequently, you should try and learn those, and then develop knowledge of how to explain the rest of them after that. I hope it helps.
Talking about exercise – do, play and go.

To do – is usually something that can be done individually but in a place, for example a gym or a studio. To do exercise ‘Have you done any exercise today?’ ‘To do yoga ‘I do yoga once a week’. ‘how long have you been doing karate?’ here we are using the present perfect so we are asking the period of time for which this the person has been doing karate.

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To go – we usually use ‘to go’ when we have –ing at the end of the activity, or something that we do invidually. A few examples ‘swimming’ – ‘do you go swimming in the swimming pool, or in the sea?’ swimming ends in –ing so we use go. To go running ‘I go running everyday’ again, running ends with –ing so we use go. ‘I like to go jogging in the morning when it’s not too hot’ oh yes jogging is when you are running, but not as fast as running, we don’t say footing in English.

To play – usually something that is done competitively, and also another hint is that if we use a ball to do this sport, then very likely we are playing that sport, and something that you can win or lose. Play football ‘I play football every Sunday’ in football we use a ball, we can win, we can lose, we are playing from one team against another ‘I play football every Sunday’. ‘Can you play tennis?’ in tennis we´ve got a ball being hit from one player to the other, it’s possible to win, again play. ‘I play basketball every other week´ basketball we use a ball, we are playing in teams, ‘I play basketball’. Every other week, what does that mean? ‘Every other week’ means one week yes, the next week no, one week yes, the next no. Another way to say every other week is ‘every two weeks’, ok?

That’s all, thank you for listening. This video was brought to you on behalf of aulaingles.es and made by me, Addie.

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