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English Tips By Addie lección 8: Phrasal verbs de deportes

Continuando nuestra serie de videos de “Aprende inglés en 5 minutos a la semana” hoy os traemos uno nuevo explicando una de las asignaturas pendientes que tenemos respecto al inglés. Hoy nuestra querida Addie nos dará sus preciados consejos para saber cuando tenemos que usar ciertos Phrasal verbs de deportes y ejercicios

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Aquí tenéis la traducción para que os ayude:

Hello this is English tips with Addie, my name is Addie and I´m here to explain English grammar and pronunciation tips.
Today we´re going to continue with the theme of sports and activities and summertime and I’m going to give you a few phrasal verbs that you can use when talking about exercising and you exercise routine. I hope it helps.
Talking about sports
Phrasal verbs
To warm up – to do movements, stretching to get your muscles and your body ready for exercise. Example ‘I like to warm up before I run by stretching’ so this means that I like to prepare my body before I run by stretching
Next one
To join in – this means to take part or participate in a sporting event or a match. ‘Can I join in when you finish this round?’ this means here that this person wants to participate with this group of people after they finish this round. A round is the current part of the game or match that is being played now, ok?
To work out – this means to do exercise routines or sessions, this is exercise in any shape or form. You can work out at home, in the gym in the park, wherever. ‘I prefer to work at the gym than at home because I put in more effort’ , ‘I prefer to work at the gym than at home because I put in more effort’
To give up –this means to surrender, quit or decide to stop. Example ‘I tend to give up after running the first mile when I am running’ I tend to want to stop after the first mile when I am running. Do you understand ? It means I usually want to stop after the first mile when i am running
Ok thank you for listening. This video was brought to you on behalf of and made by me, Addie.

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