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¡Disfruta del séptimo video de nuestra profesora Addie!

Esta semana vamos a hablar de verbo compuesto “TO ASK OUT” y cómo usarlo correctamente.

Hello, this is English explained with Addie, I am Addie. I am here to explain you English grammar and pronunciations tips and answer any of your English curios and get you well on your way becoming fluent in English. This video is about phrasal verb to ask someone out. I am going to introduce several examples in order for you to understand that.

Ask someone out – to invite on a date.


  1. David asked Alicia out to lunch.
  2. James was considering asking Sarah out (so, in this case, he wanted to ask her out, he was thinking about it).
  3. Henry told Alexandra that he wanted to ask her out.
  4. Why don’t you ask her out to dinner? – This is a suggestion.
  5. He asked me out to dinner and a movie! – You were asked out in the past tense.

Thank you for listening! And now it is your turn to ask someone out on a date!

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Hasta la próxima semana!



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