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Cuando usar Since y cuando usar For?

Addie is back! Volvemos de vacaciones y  como todas las semanas llego el momento de estudiar ingles con nuestra amiga Addie y sus preciosos consejos sobre la gramática inglesa. Hoy Addie nos va a explicar cuando tenemos que utilizar Since y cuando hay que usar For.

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A continuación tenéis la transcripción para que os ayude:


Hello this English explained by Addie. My name is Addie and I’m here to explain English grammar and pronunciation tips and get you to your own way to become fluent in English.

Today I’m going to explain when to use Since and when to use For when you are talking about an experience in the past, so I’m going to explain it and give you a few examples and I hope it helps.

Here some grammar tips. This is discussing when to use since and when to use for. We use since + a specific time, for example July the first, ten-fifteen am or Tuesday, so a date, a time or a day.

Example: “I have been studying English SINCE 1994.” Since a specific year.

Next one: “I have been helping Jane since this morning” the specific time is this morning.

Next one:” He has been in Spain since February” so he has been in Spain since a specific month and that is February.


And now we are gonna look at how and when we use for; we use for + a length of time, so how long was the time period: one week, two days, five years, two minutes a length of time how long was it.

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“I have been studying English for 20 years.” So how long have you been studying English? For twenty years.

Next one:” I have been helping Jane for 5 hours.” How long have you been helping Jane? I have been helping Jane for five hours or you can say since 5 in the morning, since five o’clock. For five hours that’s how long it was.

“He has been in Spain for three and a half years.” Half of a year it’s six months so three and a half years

So now we are going through few exercises to check your understanding.

“Sarah has lived here … ten years.” What do you think? I’m gonna show you the answer now.


“Sarah has lived here for ten years.” If I’m going to quickly for you and you need a bit more time to decide what is the answer feel free to pause it before I show you the answer.

Next one: “I haven’t been to the cinema … last month.” Is it since or for? I haven’t been to the cinema …. Last month. Okay? I’m gonna show you the answer now, if you need more time pause it. SINCE last month, do you understand why? Because we have a specific date or a specific time when the last time was?

Next one: “ I haven’t heard from you … ten days.” Heard is the past tense of to hear, what do you think? I’m gonna show you the answer now, pause it if you need some more time. FOR ten days. Why? It’s because it’s how long the time has been. I haven’t heard from you for ten days.

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Next one: “ He played football … over 15 years” What do you think, I’m gonna show you the answer now, you know what to do if you need more time. FOR over 15 years, He played football for over 15 years. Why? Because it’s how long?

The last one:” James hasn’t seen Louise …. 5 pm last night.” What do you think? If you need more time pause it. I’m gonna show you the answer now. SINCE five pm last night, because it’s a specific time than he saw her and the since then he has not seen her.


I hope that’s helps. If you need to go to the examples again feel free. Thank you very much for listening, this video was brought to you by aula ingles and made by me, Addie.