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Aprende el uso de: “To end up”

¿Dispuestos a aprender inglés con los videos de nuestra profesora Addie? Como siempre desde Aula Inglés os traemos un nuevo video para aprender inglés, para que podáis aprender inglés de manera muy dinámica, divertida y rápida. Esta vez le toca el turno a un nuevo “phrasal verb”, en este caso se trata de “to end up” ¿Queréis conocer lo que significa? Pinchar en el video y aprende inglés con nuestro serie de “Aprende inglés en 5 minutos a la semana”

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Aquí tenéis la transcripción del video para que os ayude a entenderlo mejor:


Hello, this is English explained with Addie; my name is Addie and I´m here to explain English grammar and pronunciation tips. Hope you help along the way to become fluent in English. This video is about the phrasal verb “to end up”.  I´m going to explain it and give you a few examples and I hope you´ll understand it.

Phrasal verb exercise: “To end up”, this means to eventually reach/do/decide.

First example:

“We ended up renting a film instead of going to the cinema”

This means that eventually we decided to rent a film instead of going to the cinema so…Do you understand how that works? It means what was eventually decided at the end.

Ok next one:

“Where is he taking you on your date?”

“I think we are going to end up to the cinema again”

I think what we are eventually going to do is go to the cinema again. Do you understand?

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Last example:

“I am going back to get my coat”

“You don`t have to…it is not that cold”

“I don`t want to end up ill in bed…I won´t be long”

The person has decided that they don´t want to eventually reach the situation where they will be ill in bed therefore they are going back to get the coat. “I don´t want to end up ill in bed. I won´t be long”

Thanks for listening. This video was brought to you by and made by me Addie. Thank you


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